About Us

The All About Towing management and service team is dedicated to excellent customer service.

Our involvement with Law Enforcement, Mississippi Gulf Coast communities, businesses, and residents, ensures our support and continued interaction with the communities in which we operate.

We demand the highest possible standards from our employees regarding their skills, appearance, customer relations and loyalty. This, combined with our dedication to ongoing training, helps us maintain our position as the most trusted Towing service on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

We look forward to being an integral asset for your business, and a trusted provider of towing service and Roadside Assistance.


We offer a wide range of services including Towing, Flatbed Towing, Roadside Assistance, Private Party Impounds, and Long Distance Tows.24 HOUR SERVICE"


The very best in customer service! Try us!

Our philosophy is simple and based on an old school belief of providing good, honest and reliable service.

We understand that having to call a towing company can be unpleasant, inconvenient and sometimes very frustrating.

It is our goal to take an unfortunate situation and make it as pleasant as possible. Our business is family owned and operated.

We will listen and act based on our knowledge, and deploy all of our resources at all times to assure that you are getting the quality of service you deserve.

When you call ALL ABOUT TOWING INC. you will get the latest in state of the art equipment with drivers who are clean, well groomed, and trucks that are spotless. We do complete background checks on all our drivers and they are randomly drug tested.
Our trucks and equipment are checked prior to starting the day. If you are looking for quality and reliability, then you have found the right company.

Training is an area that All About Towing prides itself on. We feel we set ourselves apart from others in this area. We don’t claim to be the best when it comes to training, just in the same group as the best.

It is a common practice in the industry to train a driver by letting him/her ride around with a seasoned driver for a few days, then assigning a truck to that driver. We feel that practice is highly hazardous and not acceptable. When new employees begin work, they are trained by a supervisor and for a period of not less than 30 days. This is just for a basic tow, but training never stops. We are also fond of video training, in which we have 16. These range from 30 minutes to two hours in duration.

We at All About Towing perform detailed and documented vehicle inspections. The driver performs a daily and weekly inspection, while a supervisor performs a detailed monthly inspection, comparable to the Highway Patrol’s yearly inspection.

Our trucks are stocked with additional added equipment that is not required. Some of those items are: an attachment for towing 5th wheel travel trailers; specialty damage-free motorcycle towing equipment; specialized block and tackle for manipulating vehicles on the bed of a truck; equipment designed to move a completely locked up vehicle without causing damage; and specialized straps for towing highline automobiles damage-free, to name a few.

Experienced professionals every time, all of our drivers have years of experience in towing and roadside assistance services. We don't send inexperienced drivers to waste your time. Our professionals are knowledgeable in a variety of emergency roadside needs for all situations. Our pros get the job done, period. All our drivers are uniformed and fully trained in the use of their equipment. Whether you're looking to tow your brand new Hummer, your project car; your Shovel Head Harley; or that monster toolbox, All About Towing is the tow company for you.

"We offer a wide range of services including Flatbed Towing, Wheel Lift Towing, Roadside Assistance,

Private Party Impounds, and Long Distance Tows. 24 HOUR SERVICE"

All About Towing maintains a data base of all repair facilities and dealerships that are qualified to repair your vehicle.

All About Towing is located just off exit 50 near I-10 on Stenum St. A six-foot chain link fence surrounds the property and we have after hours security with after-dark lighting that is more than adequate.

Given the opportunity, we will do whatever it takes to earn your business.

ALL ABOUT TOWING INC proudly services all of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and surrounding Areas.